TeenHack 2018 Summer Code Camp


Its summer 2018, kids and teenagers are desperately seeking for experiences that will expose them to trending and 21st-century cutting-edge skills that will help prepare them for the future as they await the commencement of the 2018/2019 academic session.

Here comes the awesome experience that they can’t afford to miss.

We are excited to officially announce and bring to you TeenHack 2018 Summer Code Workshop, a Social and Technology Learning Project powered by RAD5 Tech Hub to empower 100 kids and teenagers to become self-reliant and independent in this 21st-century workforce by giving them a lifetime coding and innovative skill leveraging technology.

TeenHack is a call to raise competent young creators and innovators that are self-reliant and independent.

Today, technology has given everyone the opportunity to become great regardless of their career. But many young people don’t even know where to start.

TeenHack is the way forward.


Below are few things you ought to know about this year’s TeenHack Summer Code Workshop.

The workshop details are as follows:

Date: 20th – 22nd August 2018
Time: 9:00 Am Daily
Venue: ICT Center, Abia State Polytechnic Aba, Abia State, Nigeria
Admission: Free! Free!! Free!!!
Registration Link: https://www.teenhack.org.ng

At TeenHack 2018 edition, participants will be introduced to:

  1. Mobile Application Development using the MIT’s App Inventor.
  2. Web Application Development using WordPress, HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript.
  3. Games and Animation Designs using Scratch Programming.
  4. Virtual Reality using Google Cardboards and many others.

The workshop has been designed to help kids and teenagers learn and acquire soft skills ranging from:

  1. Teamwork and collaboration
  2. Organization and planning
  3. Logical thinking and reasoning etc.

Here are more highlights kids and teenagers should expect and anticipate:

  1. Participants will be paired to enhance teamwork.
  2. Each team will have access to a computer system with internet connection.
  3. Each team will be assigned a coach.
  4. Participants will be assigned to either games/animations, web or mobile app design session.
  5. The grand finale would feature exhibition/competition amongst the team.
  6. Top 3 teams with the most amazing and innovative solution will be awarded.


TeenHack Project is official powered and brought to you by RAD5 Tech Hub one of the leading technology innovation and software space in Southeastern Nigeria and supported by Google Developer Group, Aba and Abia State Polytechnic, Aba.

TeenHack was launch in 2015. The first edition was in collaboration with Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PINigeria) to train over 50 teenagers on web application development.

Through TeenHack 2017 Summer Code Workshop, 10-year-old Victoria became the youngest game and animation programmer as hundreds of other kids benefited too from the project. 

You can take a moment to see some photo highlights of the 2017 edition: http://goo.gl/photos/6tSdRaZ1DFLpuKk39.

You can also check out the report here: http://blog.rad5.com.ng/2017/08/23/teenhack-2017-10-year-old-victoria-became-the-youngest-computer-and-game-programmer-in-abia-state.

This year, we are providing a more personalized learning experience with more available facilitators, coaches, and volunteers

This year, we are providing a more personalized learning experience with more available facilitators, coaches, and volunteers coming from Aba, Umuahia, Uyo, and Port-Harcourt. We will also be extending the support to more untapped and under-served kids and teenagers in Abia State.

The principal objective of the project is to inspire kids and teenagers to become self-reliant and independent in leveraging the knowledge received from TeenHack workshops.


Are you a parent? Do you own a school or have a child under your care?

Your kids and wards can be part of this upcoming TeenHack 2018 workshop by registering them via the TeenHack official website – http://www.teenhack.org.ng.


Our funding capacity will only empower 100 kids this summer.

Are you genuinely passionate about the Africa child and education? Do you want to contribute to making Africa a better place?

You can be part of the Teenhack Support Program through which we bring a better and quality experience and transformation in the society.

For organizations and individuals, your donations would be appreciated.

Donate today to support kids for TeenHack Project – https://www.teenhack.org.ng/make-donation.

Note: In our support plan, every supporter or donor retains the right to define how he/she wants his/her support to be used and channeled. And can request reports from time to time.

For more information about the TeenHack Project, visit – www.teenhack.org.ng.

To see who is behind the TeenHack project, visit – www.rad5.com.ng.

For enquiries, kindly call +2348035138388 or email us at hello@teenhack.org.ng

Thank you for being part of the 2018 TeenHack Summer Code Workshop.


Bel-Aanen Leemabari Precious
Coordinator | TeenHack

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