TeenHack Summer Workshop 2018: 118 Kids & Teenagers Receives A Lifetime Digital Skill & Experience In Abia State

Inline with the RAD5 Tech Hub’s vision to empower 5,000 kids and teenagers in Abia State with a lifetime digital skill and experience by the year 2022 through the TeenHack Project, we are gradually bridging the gap as we ended the long anticipated TeenHack Summer Code Camp 2018 edition with an intensive hands-on workshop for Abia kids and teenagers held on the 20th August 2018 through 22nd August 2018.

The pre-workshop started with an intensive 3 weeks “Train-the-Trainers” session where 16 coaches were selected to be part of the TeenHack summer code workshop that exposed 118 Abia kids and teenagers to Game/Animation Design, Web Application Development using WordPress and Mobile Application Development using MIT’s App Inventor.

What is TeenHack?

TeenHack is a social and technology learning project powered by RAD5 Tech Hub (the most impactful technology innovation & software hub in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria) designed to consciously empower kids and teenagers daily with digital skills ranging from Web Application Programming, Mobile Application Programming, Game Programming, Robotics Engineering and other current trends in technology. Read more

Day 1: TeenHack 2018

It was on the early hours of the commencement day as parents and guardians drove in to register and drop their wards for the workshop. We could all see the joy on the kid’s faces as they worked into the well organized laboratory seated with their computer systems right before them.

The workshop started with an opening prayer led by Miss Happiness Ugoeze Nwankwo one of the facilitators and a keynote and welcome address taken by the TenHack 2018 Coordinator Mr. Bel-Aanen Leemabari Precious. Afterwards, kids were all introduced to Technology in Education using some Google products/services  and challenged through some video highlights of kids transforming the world using technology which got them inspired to become technology builders and not just users (the primary objective of the TeenHack project).

They were divided into three(3) different groups with a minimum of 5 coaches assigned to each session.

Here are the breakout sessions:

  1. Game & Animation Design (5 – 11 years)
  2. Web Application Development using WordPress (12 – 18 years)
  3. Mobile Application Development using MIT’s App Inventor (12 – 18 years)

The kids were  paired in teams to enhance teamwork and collaboration (one of the objectives of TeenHack project).

It was a 3 hour marathon learning, practicals, grooming and mentorship by the respective coaches in each session.

The tempo was still high as they were all served with a light refreshment. The learning session continued as all the kids refused to go for a break as slated on the program schedule for the day.

The day one ended successful as parents were all waiting to pick up their wards.

Day 2: TeenHack 2018

The registration team mounted as early as 7:45am to receive the kids and get them accredited for the day two experience. Over 12 new parents brought their wards on the second day pleading for enrollment. After some considerations the kids were allowed to join the workshop (we expect all participants to join from day one).

The practical session continued after an opening prayer led by Mr. Okechukwu Joseph and an address by the Program Manager Mr. Akwa Peter.

Two hour after, kids were given their first challenge and were taught the process of ideation and problem solving. Working on local solutions with global impact.

Kids started the “Do-It-Yourself” session without their coaches. On the completion of their challenge, we had individuals building interesting animated storyline and games from the game/animation session, relevant web based solutions from the web development session and interesting mobile solutions from the mobile application session. Great job by the coaches!!!

It was the right time to move outside the laboratory for a 45-minute break and recreation session as kids were taught the application and principle of Virtual Reality (VR) using the Google Cardboard. They had fun and practically learnt to used the Google Cardboard to play educative games.

They all returned to the laboratory having their coaches assess and evaluate their performances and assist them improve.

Day two ended successfully in anticipation of the grand finale (day 3) when they will be re-paired for the hackathon session to build their solutions in 3 hours from what they have learnt from day one.

Day 3: TeenHack 2018

It was not a surprise having new parents who brought their wards on the third (3rd) day to experience the hackathon. After accreditation, kids were all set for the hackathon.

Immediately after the opening prayer, they were given a proper orientation on the judging criteria and some of the expectations for the hackathon which included – Project Completion, Project Relevance, Teamwork, Innovation/Creativity and Communicate/Pitching.

The grand finale attracted the presence of the Hon. Commissioner for Science and Technology Abia State – Chief Fabian Nwankwo, The Senior Special Assistant to Governor on Information Technology Abia State – Mr Edward, The Personal Assistant to the Hon. Commissioner Science and Technology  and The Popular Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV Cable that covered the entire grand finale activities.

The 3 hours hackathon started as each team started to ideate and document their solutions before implementation as they were taught as being one of the standards in software development.

The teams completed their projects and the judges assessed their works grading them using the aforementioned criteria.

Out of the 38 teams that participated, they were all addressed as winners but few solutions were announced as winners meeting the criteria.

It was amazing on the announcement of the winners of the hackathon contest from each of the sessions (game, web & mobile).

Meet the Game & Animation Winner

    1. Team Spelling Bee (Team Age: 5  & 5 years): Five year old twins – Kiara and Durel Nnochiri emerged winners after designing a game that allows a user to input or spell three (3) letter words asked by the opponent with a score board integration. (See photo above: girl & boy twin by the left)
    2. Team HIV Sensitization (Team Age: 8 & 9 years): Annan Kunyen, the 8 year old Ghanaian girl with her mate, Michael Emmanuel demonstrated their creativity by creating a 5 minutes animated documentary on HIV awareness and Sensitization.(See photo above: girl and boy by the right)
    3. Team Aircraft (Team Age: 7 & 11 years): The team completed an interactive aircraft game with stages and levels. (See photo above: Two boys at the center)

Meet The Web Application Development Winners

  • Team Know-Abia (Team Age: 10 & 12 years): Joy Essien and Unique Eke designed and completed a web platform that gives the users rich information about the culture, people, politics, religion, education, LGAs, Food etc of Abia State. (See photo above: Two girls by the right)
  • Team Inspire (Team Age: 13 & 14): A web platform with top motivational tips, strategies and guide for teenagers. (See photo above: girl & boy by the left)

Meet The Mobile Application Development Winners

  • Team Where-Not-To-Park (Team Age: 14, 15, 15 & 16): A Mobile Application that list places car drivers are not to stop with a map integration and alarm notification to avoid being harassed and penalized by thugs roaming around the city of Aba terrorizing the lives of public and private drivers. Names – Chinedu Kingsley, Arinze-Agube Louis, Simeon Okeke.
  • Team Abia-Quiz (Team Age: 14, 15, 15 & 16): An interactive mobile application quiz that help users gain good understanding of Abia ranging from Agriculture, Governance, Education etc. Names – Onyema Solomon, Emeto Chidera, Ukaegbu Victor and Iwuanyanwa Anselm

Cross Section of Winners from all the Groups with SA to Governor on IT, Cofounders of Rad5 Tech Hub and TeenHack 2018 Coordinator

The winners were given sets of Google Cardboards, and branded TeenHack exercise books with a one-year free mentorship and membership ticket to join the most impactful Technology Innovation Hub (RAD5 Tech Hub) in Abia State to advance and work on their ideas.

From the outcome of the hackathon, we  had other teams who came up with interesting web/mobile solutions and games/storylines.

TeenHack 2018 ended with an interview session with the Commissioner for Science and Tech and SA to the Governor on ICT Abia state and a brief discussion on the need to revolutionize the education sector in Abia state by empowering kids with the right information they need.

During the interview session with parents, it was encouraging to hear them attest and appreciate the impact of TeenHack in the lives of their kids stating it cannot be accessed from the four walls of their schools. According to one of the parents, “my 6 year old boy after the commencement of the workshop will now be awake at night working on projects”.

The TeenHack 2018 Summer Code Camp edition recorded a total of 118 kids and teenagers as beneficiaries with 16 coaches and 4 other volunteers.

According to the RAD5 Tech Hub Cofounders, TeenHack is a social project through which we give back to our community. They express their profound gratitude to God Almighty for his grace, provision, and love as there was no record of casualty throughout the workshop.

On behalf of the team, they thanked the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba for their support in giving out their TEF Computer Laboratory for the TeenHack 2018 Edition, the Director of ICT, Abia State Polytehnic – Chike David (Ph.d) for his moral support and the Popular Broadcasting Service (PBS) TV Cable who took the cost of covering the workshop to be aired as a partnership program over their station.

They finally appreciated Mr. Amos, the Abia born IT personnel based in Lagos who made a donation of 10,000 naira in support of this years workshop.

We welcome everyone who is passionate about supporting and empowering our younger generation with lifetime skills they need in today’s 21st-century workforce. We would love to extend the TeenHack experience to more disconnected and underserved communities.

Meet the team, coaches and volunteers who made TeenHack 2018 a success.

We have already started a review on the 2018 edition in preparation of the 2019 weekend programs/workshops and summer edition.

Here is the complete photo gallery for the TeenHack 2018 edition – https://photos.app.goo.gl/vmfhZqttzESs9mBm6

Let’s together build a community where everyone have access to information technology and digital skills.

Reported By:
Bel-Aanen Leemabari Precious
TeenHack 2018 Coordinator

TeenHack 2017: 10-Year-Old Victoria Became the Youngest Computer and Game Programmer in Abia State

The three (3) days Tech Summer Code Camp for kids and teens tagged “Abia4tech TeenHack” organized by the leading Software and Technology Innovation Hub (RAD5 Tech Hub) in Aba, Abia State, ended on Friday 18th August, 2017.

TeenHack being a tech initiative of RAD5 Tech Hub in collaboration with Google Developer Group Aba is crafted to provide kids and teens within 8 -16 years a personalized and hands-on learning on Computer Coding, Robotics Engineering, Game Programming, and other current trends in technology.

The technology workshop commenced on Wednesday 16th August, 2017 with 40 students as participants, and ended on Friday 18th August, 2017. For the first time ever, kids in Abia State were engaged on hands-on tech workshop to learn Game Programming and Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard Headsets.

On day one, the event attracted the presence of the ICT Director, Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Mr. Chike David. The kids were exposed to Computer Hardware, Introduction to Computing and Introduction to Scratch Programming Language.

Scratch Programming was continued on day two where they did more interesting game, storytelling exercises and projects with Scratch. Virtual Reality section came up during the event where the kids were taught the application and principle of Virtual Reality using the Google Cardboard. They all practically used the Google Cardboard Headset to play educative games. Scratch Programming exercises was continued after refreshments. Day two ended successfully in anticipation of the grand finale (day 3) for kids to contest by building their own games and storylines using the Scratch Programming Language.

The grand finale day three (3) attracted the presence of the Nigeria Country Mentor Google Developer Groups – Mr. Hanson Johnson, The Organizer Startup Weekend Abia – Mr Daniel Chinagozi, The Popular Broadcasting Service (PBS) Cable, Rhema FM and ICT teachers from different schools in Abia State. Kids completed their game and storytelling projects as the Google Developer Groups Country Mentor and Mr. Daniel Chinagozi accessed their projects and they happen to be the Chief Judges for the contest.

It was quite amazing on the announcement of the winners of the contest to have 10-year-old Victoria emerged top 4 out of the 40 contestants that participated. Victoria was awarded the fourth position after designing a game cartoon of kids singing and playing. The third position went to Emmanuel (13-year-old) who designed a car race game. Second position went to Chinyere (15 years old) who designed an interactive storyline of her experience at the TeenHack workshop. The winner of the contest was Ebuka a 16-year-old boy that designed an interactive Educational Game with user input and scoreboard.

The winners were given sets of Google Cardboards, T-shirts, Books and Biro. They will be given a one-year free membership ticket to join the leading Technology Innovation Hub (RAD5 Tech Hub) in Abia State. It was so inspiring to have other kids who designed interactive Tennis games, movies, and storylines.

TeenHack2017 ended with the ICT teacher session with a round table discussion on the need to revolutionize the education sector using technology. Teachers demanded that they too are willing to be empowered and asked for TeenHack to be incorporated as a Tech and Innovation Club in their respective schools. The workshop recorded a turnout of 40 kids and 12 coaches/volunteers.

TeenHack has come to stay according to RAD5 Tech Hub Founders as a way to transforming the tech ecosystem in Abia State. They thanked the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba for their support in giving out their TEF Computer Laboratory for the TeenHack 2017 Edition.

We are not relying on Government or organizations to support TeenHack. We self-sponsored 40 kids in this year edition, providing them with writing materials, gift items, food/launch for 3 days. We are only calling for tech passionate individuals, corporate organizations and government agencies to invest in this campaign of transforming the tech ecosystem in Abia State through the TeenHack Initiative for kids and teens to leverage on current trends on technology for nation building and self-reliance the TeenHack Initiators stated.

TeenHack 2018 edition preparation has commence to help us achieve greater impact than 2017 edition.

Complete picture gallery for TeenHack2017 can be found here: https://goo.gl/photos/6tSdRaZ1DFLpuKk39

Akwa Peter U.
(Program Manager)
RAD5 Tech Hub