TeenHack 2017: 10-Year-Old Victoria Became the Youngest Computer and Game Programmer in Abia State

The three (3) days Tech Summer Code Camp for kids and teens tagged “Abia4tech TeenHack” organized by the leading Software and Technology Innovation Hub (RAD5 Tech Hub) in Aba, Abia State, ended on Friday 18th August, 2017.

TeenHack being a tech initiative of RAD5 Tech Hub in collaboration with Google Developer Group Aba is crafted to provide kids and teens within 8 -16 years a personalized and hands-on learning on Computer Coding, Robotics Engineering, Game Programming, and other current trends in technology.

The technology workshop commenced on Wednesday 16th August, 2017 with 40 students as participants, and ended on Friday 18th August, 2017. For the first time ever, kids in Abia State were engaged on hands-on tech workshop to learn Game Programming and Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard Headsets.

On day one, the event attracted the presence of the ICT Director, Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Mr. Chike David. The kids were exposed to Computer Hardware, Introduction to Computing and Introduction to Scratch Programming Language.

Scratch Programming was continued on day two where they did more interesting game, storytelling exercises and projects with Scratch. Virtual Reality section came up during the event where the kids were taught the application and principle of Virtual Reality using the Google Cardboard. They all practically used the Google Cardboard Headset to play educative games. Scratch Programming exercises was continued after refreshments. Day two ended successfully in anticipation of the grand finale (day 3) for kids to contest by building their own games and storylines using the Scratch Programming Language.

The grand finale day three (3) attracted the presence of the Nigeria Country Mentor Google Developer Groups – Mr. Hanson Johnson, The Organizer Startup Weekend Abia – Mr Daniel Chinagozi, The Popular Broadcasting Service (PBS) Cable, Rhema FM and ICT teachers from different schools in Abia State. Kids completed their game and storytelling projects as the Google Developer Groups Country Mentor and Mr. Daniel Chinagozi accessed their projects and they happen to be the Chief Judges for the contest.

It was quite amazing on the announcement of the winners of the contest to have 10-year-old Victoria emerged top 4 out of the 40 contestants that participated. Victoria was awarded the fourth position after designing a game cartoon of kids singing and playing. The third position went to Emmanuel (13-year-old) who designed a car race game. Second position went to Chinyere (15 years old) who designed an interactive storyline of her experience at the TeenHack workshop. The winner of the contest was Ebuka a 16-year-old boy that designed an interactive Educational Game with user input and scoreboard.

The winners were given sets of Google Cardboards, T-shirts, Books and Biro. They will be given a one-year free membership ticket to join the leading Technology Innovation Hub (RAD5 Tech Hub) in Abia State. It was so inspiring to have other kids who designed interactive Tennis games, movies, and storylines.

TeenHack2017 ended with the ICT teacher session with a round table discussion on the need to revolutionize the education sector using technology. Teachers demanded that they too are willing to be empowered and asked for TeenHack to be incorporated as a Tech and Innovation Club in their respective schools. The workshop recorded a turnout of 40 kids and 12 coaches/volunteers.

TeenHack has come to stay according to RAD5 Tech Hub Founders as a way to transforming the tech ecosystem in Abia State. They thanked the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba for their support in giving out their TEF Computer Laboratory for the TeenHack 2017 Edition.

We are not relying on Government or organizations to support TeenHack. We self-sponsored 40 kids in this year edition, providing them with writing materials, gift items, food/launch for 3 days. We are only calling for tech passionate individuals, corporate organizations and government agencies to invest in this campaign of transforming the tech ecosystem in Abia State through the TeenHack Initiative for kids and teens to leverage on current trends on technology for nation building and self-reliance the TeenHack Initiators stated.

TeenHack 2018 edition preparation has commence to help us achieve greater impact than 2017 edition.

Complete picture gallery for TeenHack2017 can be found here: https://goo.gl/photos/6tSdRaZ1DFLpuKk39

Akwa Peter U.
(Program Manager)
RAD5 Tech Hub

Abia4Tech – The Right Time Is Now.

It takes a 21st century leader to understand that the universal growth a nation, state or city desires cannot be achieved without Technology.

Technology is not a silo that’s separate from the rest of the economy. Rather, technology is infused throughout the city’s diverse economy. In the view of infusing technology throughout Abia State diverse economy and ensuring universal growth, this has led to the formation of an initiative tagged Abia4Tech.

Abia4Tech is an initiative of RAD5 Technologies in collaboration with Google Developer Group (GDG) Aba to grow Abia Tech ecosystem and promote technological growth in Abia State with the aim of inspiring youths into the use of technology for Self-Reliance and National Development. The initiative is created to help Abians become Tech builders and not just Tech users only, strengthen all Abia Tech Startups, promote and support Tech innovations and ideas, provide mentorship for beginners and promote the use of Tech all across Abia State.

The vision is to build Abia and Abians to become Tech pioneers (builders) and Tech users.

The Mission is to consistently inspiring youths, Tech enthusiasts and Tech startups into the use of technology for Self-Reliance and National Development by organizing Tech conferences, startup meetups, hackathons and schools challenge that will make them become Tech pioneers.

The Abia4Tech objectives are clearly stated below:

  • To empower future generation with the coding tools and skills they need to strive in the 21st century workforce and become key actors of Abia’s and Africa’s economic development.
  • To encourage and support key actors of the tech scene dedicated to fostering e-skills and talents amongst Abia youths.
  • To build up strategic partnerships in other to organize coding workshops all round Abia State.
  • To inspire Abia students into Self-Reliance and National Development through the use of technology.
  • To promote and encourage the use of Google technologies in our community.
  • To support ICT tutors and teachers in their course of technology empowerment on students.

Hey! It sounds big, cool and challenging, right? There is no other better time to commence the transformation of the Abia Tech sector and build the desired Tech ecosystem than now.

On this note, we announce Friday, April 7, 2017 as the flag off day for the Abia4Tech initiative. In few days as we flag off this campaign, I am delighted to invite you to be part of the commencement of this Tech transformation in Abia State, believing it will be an awesome time and a gathering of Tech Startups, Tech Enthusiasts, Students, Tech Investors and Mentors from different parts of the nation. It will be a date to be saved as a memorial for celebration of the transformation of the Abia Tech ecosystem.

For the event details, see below:

Event: Abia4Tech Flag off Campaign.
Event Date: Friday, April 7, 2017.
Event Time: 11:30am prompt.
Event Venue: Sweet Foods & Bar Aba, Abia State.
Registration Link: https://goo.gl/forms/0rZY4DviGaJILA982

Expectations in Abia4Tech Flag Off Event

  • Codelabs on Android App Development and Web App Development (using Google Polymer)


  • Startup Demos – Exhibition of few Tech Products by Abians
  • Presentations on the topics “From Zero to Tech Hero” and “Collaboration Key to Success” by invited Tech speakers and motivators.
  • Tech Discussions – Where we share our challenges on starting, building and growing our Tech Startups in Abia.

Don’t miss the opportunity to becoming part of the Tech builders in Abia.